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In order to get your Nokia X2-01 unlock code, you will need to identify and locate your phone’s unique 15 digits IMEI.

There are two ways to locate your Nokia X2-01 IMEI.

First you can look under your phone’s battery to find it – or secondly you can just simply enter *#06# while your phone is on and it will appear on your phone’s screen.
3 Easy Steps to Get Your Nokia X2-01 Unlock Code

1) We will need your phone make and model and in this case the Nokia X2-01.
2) We will need your phone’s unique 15 digits IMEI in order to unlock your phone. There are two ways for you to locate your IMEI numbers. You can look beneath the battery inside your phone to find the IMEI numbers. You can also type *#06# on your phone and the IMEI number will appear on your phone screen. We just need the numbers, no dashes, dots, or spaces.

3) We need your current cell phone service provider/network

Once you receive your unlock code, all you have to do next is follow the “Unlock Instructions” emailed to you and your phone will be unlocked!
How long does it take to unlock my phone?
Nokia X2-01 usually takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days to retrieve the code. You will receive your unlock code along with the unlocking instructions as quickly as possible.

Will my phone be damaged?
No. Your phone will not be damaged in any way and will function like normal after being unlocked. If you provide us with all the correct information, we guarantee your phone will safely unlock and work properly or your money- back 100% guarantee.

Where can I find my IMEI code?
The 15-digit serial number is unique to every phone and you can locate the numbers under your phone’s battery. You may also type in *#06# and it will appear on your phone’s screen.

Is it legal to unlock my phone?
Yes it is absolutely legal. You have every legal right to unlock your phone and freely use the provider of your choice.

What are the benefits of unlocking my phone?
1) Higher resale value.
2) Eliminate Roaming Fees.
3) Bigger savings with local service providers.
4) Connect and use the phone anywhere in the world.
5) Dual or more SIMS on one single handset. Alternate between home and office use.
6) More options to choose the service provider of your choice.
7) Save more money by finding a better local plan and rates.
8) Only need to unlock one time for permanent unlocking

What are your guarantees?
We 100% absolutely guarantee that we can unlock your handset listed on our site or your money back. If we are unable to generate a code to unlock your phone, we’ll be more than happy to refund your money. We will make your unlocking experience completely risk-free.

Do I need to know any technical skills?
No technical skills require what so ever. We will provide you with simple to follow instructions to unlocking your phone. No special technical skills require, it’s as simple as punching in numbers on your phone. If you can do that you can unlock your phone, it’s that simple.
Nokia X2-01 is a basic candybar phone with QWERTY keyboard. The handset offers a social networking functionality together with a VGA camera, FM Radio and music player.

Unlocking your Nokia X2-01 and enjoying its benefits couldn’t be made any easier. You want to first find out whether your phone is locked by simply removing your SIM card and replace it with another SIM card from a different service provider. If your phone still functions properly then the phone is not locked. If however your screen shows an error message and you cannot receive or make outbound calls then your phone is locked. No worries, this is where we can help fix your problem so you can enjoy using your phone anywhere in the world.

Unlocking your Nokia X2-01 requires only a few simple steps and we will have your phone accepting any SIM cards from any provider – worldwide! We will have your phone unlocked quickly and safely so you can start enjoying all the benefits of an unlocked phone. Unlocking your Nokia X2-01 has many advantages such as not being stuck in a low coverage area, no more roaming charges and not restricting yourself to long contracts with just one service provider. You will have the freedom to choose whatever plan and provider you like anywhere in the world.

All we need are a few information about your Nokia X2-01 such as the IMEI# and we will get the code to unlock your Nokia X2-01 directly from the manufacturer safely and quickly guarantee! We promise to provide nothing short of complete satisfaction and is confident we will deliver your phone safe from any damages and will be functioning properly 100% or your money back guaranteed! Our customer service experts will always be available to assist you with any concerns or questions!

We pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to satisfying our customers. Once your phone is unlocked you can start reaping the benefits of an unlocked phone with any provider anywhere you travel around the globe!

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